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2016-11-07 | INFOBALT naujienos | Informacinė visuomenė | Švietimas ir kvalifikacija

Invitation to Lithuanian ICT association’s INFOBALT Brazilian Tour in São Paulo


Meet leading IT companies based in Lithuania!

Please join us to learn how Lithuania has emerged as a top global IT talent base by meeting representatives of leading tech sector companies based in our Northern European country. Lithuania's tech-suaveness has been recognized and leveraged by many Brazilian firms, as a source for affordable offshore cutting-edge IT innovation.

INFOBALT, the association for IT companies in Lithuania, along with the general consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in São Paulo are organizing meet and greets for interested potential business customers or partners on Thursday, 17th of November, 2016. Come see for yourself how these Lithuanian firms can harness their Baltic tech talent for you and your customers!

Please R.S.V.P. to viktorija(eta) along with any details around areas of interest or specific companies.


General Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Brazil (Avenida Iraí 438, cj. 34, 3 andar Indianópolis, 04082-001 São Paulo, SP BRAZIL)


13:20 – 17:00 on 17/11/2016



17.11.2016, 13:20                 

Meetings with Brazilian IT associations and IT companies (BRASSCOM, Assespro, ABES)

Presentation by Brazilian IT association

Presentation by Lithuanian IT association

Presentation by IT companies


18.11.2016, 09:00                 

Meeting with leaders of GS1 Brazilian

Exclusive tour in the Innovation and Technology Centre

18.11.2016, 12:30                 

Presentation by Carlos Levenstein of „Maqeo Technologies“ company

18.11.2016, 14:00                    

Presentation by ELANBiz Latin (

18.11.2016,  15:30                 

Meeting with consulting company (about finnish business)




Service for companies that seek managing their transport expenses and controlling costs effectively. The tracking system allows you to monitor real-time vehicle movement and also accumulate history.|

Special software for surveyours and planning specialists (GeoMap, Geo, ODVE, CAD Tables). Total station, optical level, GPS.|

INTA’s main business direction is implementation and maintenance of ICT and high tech projects in the fields of radiation safety, X-ray inspection, cargo tracking, safety and control etc. Company also provides radio communication equipment, its’ rental, repair and maintenance services.|

UAB „Integris“ is an innovative information technology company that offers specialised project management solution – Wise Team. Wise team covers the entire process of service provision: sales management, contract management, finance management and work management.|

Developers of software for creating, optimizing ant synchronizing public transport timetables, publishing public transport information (routes, stops, timetables) and trip planning on Internet website and mobile phones, realtime monitoring and accounting the traffic of public transport. Solutions developed are the result of their 25 years hard work and allocations to R&D. The data from our systems can be exchanged with various other systems (ticketing, passengers counting, realtime information for passengers, etc.) using XML or GTFS formats.|

Patalpino: Viktorija