Who We Are

Mission of INFOBALT is to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies to benefit society, businesses and public sector. Founded in 1994, INFOBALT is a locally and internationally recognized representative of Lithuanian ICT industry. The association has more than 160 members, including national and global businesses, universities, colleges and research institutions involved in ICT education, employing more than 10,000 experienced ICT professionals, teachers and researchers. Representation of national ICT industry, its strategic development, fostering of ICT export and promotion of ICT education are the key priorities for INFOBALT. In 2013, revenues of INFOBALT members have exceeded 1 billion EUR. INFOBALT is a single point of contact for any international requests, including investment and cooperation opportunities in the Lithuanian ICT industry.

Core values:

Collaboration - winning together;
Acceptance - to changes and innovations;
Responsibility - for yourself and the society;

INFOBALT is a member of DIGITAL EUROPE and WITSA, international ICT industry organisations. The association cooperates with the state institutions of Lithuania and other countries as well as other partners and experts.

INFOBALT’s mission is to bring the expert community together to frame the ICT policy, as well as to develop the Lithuanian ICT sector worldwide.
INFOBALT’s vision is a well-established image of Lithuania as a global ICT leader.
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